Joan Daurer
Painter, recorded in Mallorca in 1358-74

Antoni Joan i Centelles
First marchis of Centelles (1666), son of Gaspar Joan i Escrivà

Honorat Joan i Escrivà
Humanist, of the militar rank, son of the general lieutenant of the Montesa Gaspar Joan's order and nephew of the chronicler Francesc Joan

Jordi Joan i Santacília
Scientist, sailor and diplomatic

Joan de Ribera
Clergyman and royal high official

Pere Joan

Joan I d'Empúries
Last effective count of the second county dinasty of Empúries (1364-96), son of the infant Ramon Berenguer and Maria of Xèrica

Jordi Joan
Greek sculptor active in Catalonia

Francesc Joan

Joan Andreu
Apologist and moorish mathematician, son of the Muslim canon law interpreter Abdal·là, whom he succeeded in the charge

Manuel Joan i Arinyo

Arnau Joan
Learned jurist, possibly graduated in Bologna

Abbot of Santa Cecília in Montserrat

Miquel Joan de Padrines
Doctor of Philosophy

Perot Joan
Catalan poet of the Magnanimous' court

Joan de Baufés
Normand clergyman and doctor of civil law, bishop of Dacs (Gascunya) until 1392

Valley of Joan
Valley of the Garraf massif, in the municipal area of Gavà (El Baix Llobregat), on the eastern side of La Morella

Sant Joan de Mata
(El Ripollès)

Sant Joan Salerm
(El Baix Llobregat)

Sant Joan de Bossols
(L'Alt Empordà)